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Our mission

At Tribal Nova, we care very much about the development of children. We believe new technologies offer great opportunities for this generation to learn in exciting new ways and open up to the world.

We have now chosen to go beyond creating fun games and focus our efforts on products and services that are truly educational and can make a difference in a child’s development. We have designed a groundbreaking platform that allows us to track a child’s progress, report its progress to parents or teachers and recommend games based on the child’ s profile. But technology is not all, our team has built over time a unique expertise in creating and developing groundbreaking, high quality, secure environments and educational games that set themselves apart from what is usually available to children on the internet.

The two cofounders of Tribal Nova, Guillaume Aniorté and Pierre Le Lann, had the vision of creating a solid business that would have a positive impact in children’ lives. Every day, this vision becomes more and more a reality as testified by some of the parents’ comments sent to us such as this one:

"I have a child with some learning difficulties and he has played PBS Kids Play. When he went back to school he is doing so much better even the teacher is amazed. Thank you so much for offering this program it has made such a difference in my child’s learning!"